I have started to update my favorite news sharing

I have started to update my favorite news sharing.. But I need your help I need to get around 40-80 thousands views a month to make my expenses add up tp pay for my website, as well as internet. I might be totally off the internet in 70 days if I can not make an earning and my only choices are expensive mobles plans.

http://news.dnatureofdtrain.com is my news blog and I started a place to be able to share my favorite facebook shares with non facebook as well as facebook members. http://timeline.caseyheinzism.com .

I do not watch TV all I do is the internet I do enjoy watching long youtube videos so this threat of losing internet is scary, it is my only social life and only work life.

I have stores but I am not making sales at all in them. I can not understand what is a matter with my items everyone tells me they like them but no one buys them. http://store.dnatureofdtrain.com

This would not be a big of deal if I did not have so many health issues. I do not want to be dependent on family forever, and I do not want to have to live on tax payers money.. I just need some sales… and some page views.. VALID page views.

My Websites all are http://www.caseyheinzism.com http://www.heinzism.com http://www.mothernature.us.com and http://www.dnatureofdtrain.com .

1/13/2015 Railroad news updated

Today’s news has been updated: http://adf.ly/127710/banner/http://news.dnatureofdtrain.com Some of our Archives, Most of our wordpress archives have been relocated to the archives page, by tomorrow the rest will have. Only page that is totally removed is the filetainer links. That site scammed me and never paid me anyhow. : 1/9/2015 http://adf.ly/127710/banner/http://dnatureofdtrain.fuzzyworld3.com//2015-1-9.html 1/11/2015 http://adf.ly/127710/banner/http://dnatureofdtrain.fuzzyworld3.com//2015-1-11.html 1/4/2015 http://adf.ly/127710/banner/http://dnatureofdtrain.fuzzyworld3.com//2015-1-4.html